How The Auto Shipping Cost To And From New Jersey Is Calculated?

Cars get people from point A to B but there are times when you have to haul the car across the country. The common method is to hire a professional auto transport company. The semi-truck rigs are designed to haul multiple cars at the same time. It means you can save dollars in comparison to self-driving or hiring private-drive-away services.

The costs of New Jersey auto transport services by Ship A Car, Incwill differ based on total mileage. For example, from New Jersey to Ohio the distance is 558 miles and the charge is $419. It means the cost per mile is $0.75 per mile. The distance from New Jersey to Texas is 1738 miles and the cost is $1043. It means the cost per mile is $0.60. The distance from New Jersey to Los Angeles is 2794 miles and the cost is $1118. It means the per-mile cost is $0.40. This indicates that the price dips down for long-distance moves.

Enclosed carrier style offers extra security and protection than the open carriers. However, an enclosed carrier comes at a high price tag of 40% more. The auto transport cost is affected by several other factors like car size, season, and terminal to terminal/door-to-door services.

The average car shipping cost of a sedan – an example…..

The distance from New Jersey to Los Angeles is 2794 miles and…..

  • The lowest cost is $1,118 for open carrier [without rush]
  • The highest cost is $2,100 for enclosed carrier [urgency]
  • The national average cost is $1,650

The total mileage and car size are the key factors that affect the shipping cost. The cost of an oversized SUV in an enclosed/open carrier will differ from a standard sedan.

  • Size – The heavy vehicle will cost twice to transport in comparison to a light vehicle.
  • Location – Door-to-door services in rural location comes with a price. On the other hand, expect to save dollars choosing terminal-to-terminal services.
  • Season – During winter the demand is less, so budget-conscious people can save more. However, consider the delivery time can be longer because of the climate.
  • Timeline – Cross-country shipping can take a week but if time is a priority then choose emergency which accompanies an extra cost.

Many people feel that they can save dollars driving a car across the country. They forget to calculate the extra expense including lodgings, gas, meals, and stress due to climate or traffic jams.

Driving cross country is time-consuming, which can be invested in doing better things rather than adding to the car mileage and depreciation associated with long distances. It is better to let the professional drivers handle the transport as they are skilled and know the highways better. Long-distance drives never go as planned because of mechanical issues, poor road conditions, weather delays, etc. delays can add from several hours to a few days.

The truck drivers cover around 400 to 500 miles in a day and the trip from New Jersey to Los Angeles [2794 miles] can take around 5 to 7 days. Hiring a reliable auto shipping company is a sensible decision!

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