How much will you pay for salvage car parts?

At our Used Auto Parts business, which ships to the Greater Fort Worth area, we often hear this question: How much will you save by buying auto parts? Before we answer that question, we encourage you to find with specific questions about specific used auto parts. One call takes the guesswork out of buying used auto parts.

How much discount do you get?
This question is a bit tricky. The range usually quoted is anywhere from 35% to 85% off used auto parts nationwide, depending on the type of part and the quality of the part. If we had to give a number, we would say that the average discount is generally around 50%.  If you’ve ever bought new car parts, you know that a 50% discount can mean significant savings. Take a transmission for example. A fifty percent discount on a stream can literally save you a thousand dollars or more. With an engine, the savings are even greater, and what hard-working citizen of this country can ignore the savings of so much money?
Even the smallest parts are worth buying cores for. A set of tires, new, what brings you? Over $800 for the top-of-the-line. A 50% savings sounds pretty good, right? Or a side panel for your Toyota? You could save at least 100€. The same goes for a fuel pump or a distributor or whatever you need. Search for specific sales.

Many junkyards offer weekly sales of certain used parts. In other words, at Used Auto Parts may have a week where Fuel Pumps are 50% off, meaning 50% of the already discounted price is off, meaning it’s completely possible to have a quality fuel pump to buy for thirty or forty dollars. These kinds of savings are hard to ignore in this tough 2020 economy.

What about the quality?
People who have never shopped at junkyards are often concerned about the quality of used car parts. At Used Auto Parts we test every part we sell to make sure it works properly. Also offer a 90-day warranty on every part sold. No matter where you buy your parts, make sure you get this type of guarantee.
Also consider this: All car parts are designed to last at least 100,000 miles. Many last twice as long. If you can find the part you want in a low mileage 2015 Toyota, there’s an excellent chance the part will last you for years, and since you paid half that, it’s the best deal you’ll find on the car.

About Used Auto Parts
used auto parts business that has been serving the greater US for over thirty years. That kind of longevity in business comes only when the customer service is top notch and the quality of the parts sold is excellent.

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